Help! My Child’s Not Reading at Grade Level! Part 2

Part 1 of this article ended with the question: What’s the matter with basing a curriculum
on reading level?


What is the matter is that many, many 9 and 10-year olds (as
many as 4
0% of t

Help! My Child’s Not Reading at Grade Level! Part 1

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I recently assessed the reading skills of three bright,
capable third graders. They have been identified as “at risk readers”, which
means they are slated to be told that they are not reading well enough for what…

Learning Success – Your Personal Style

SumnerDavenport.jpgFor years I have advocated for self-investment rather than self-improvement…I like sharing introductions to people who assist us in investing in ourselves. Sumner Davenport, Solutions Consultant

Sumner and I connected on Facebook a couple of weeks ago.

Will They Be Prepared?

children decide to go to college, will they be prepared?

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have found that children who are

Is College Right for Everyone?

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In the United
States we have a completely unexamined, knee-jerk belief that college i
s the
most desirable path