Writing Success

LearningSuccess Writing Program

For beginning writers, struggling older students,
students preparing for SAT’s and/or college writing,
and good writers who want to enhance their skills.

These teachers & learning experts say:
  • Writing can be easy!
  • Outlines are out!
  • You can learn to write without writing!  


Are you afraid your child will never learn to write?

Are you worried because your child’s writing skills aren’t improving?

Are you tired of doing your child’s writing assignments?

Are you frustrated because nothing seems to be working?

Are you overwhelmed by all the writing programs out there?


When required to write, do you feel anxious & ill prepared?

Do you want a promotion but realize that your writing skills will hold you back?

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What Others Are Saying

Before I took this course I wrote by accident and always worried that it wasn’t good enough.
Now I write on purpose & know it’s good.
— Health Care Professional

I’ve always hated to write . Now I get it; writing is easy now! I love this program!
— 12th grade Student

I wish I would have learned this when I was in school. It sure would have made high school and college easier.
— Parent

I could never pass the promotion test at work because I couldn’t organize my thoughts to write them down. With this method I passed, and now others at work are aking me how I did it!
— Professional

Well, I finally understand how to do a book report!

I love this; I can do this!
—Elementary School Student

If you are home schooling you will love this step-by-step,week-by-week, day-by-day guide.
— Homeschool Mom

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Learning to write doesn’t get any easier than this!

• Book reports, research and other school reports
• College writing
• Business reports
• Workplace promotion tests
• GED & SAT essay test preparation
• Letters, speeches, or even writing a novel!

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