Talking Points for Discover Your Child’s Learning Style

A. Parents–Primary Coaches

1. Our book is a tool for parents
It helps them identify their child’s unique abilities and learning needs
So no matter what is happening at school,
parents can coach their kids to be successful learners

2. Our book is what you need to ensure your child’s LearningSuccess™
a. gives you hope—your child is capable and intelligent—what’s right with your child
b. gives you confidence–you are an expert regarding your own child
empowers you to talk with school “authorities”
c. teaches you how to build evidence for how smart your child really is

B. Not Just Another Book About Learning Styles

1. Our book shows you how to
get on your child’s team (by following CARES principles)
keep the eager learner alive in your child
coach for success (by staying FITT)
educate for the real world
take charge of your child’s learning success

2. For busy parents
this book is the key to empowering you
it’s hard to find time to do all the things you want for and with your children
you know you are the primary teachers–you want to be their coaches
so this book is a godsend–the tool you need:
to get the bonding experience you’ve always wanted with your child
to help your children achieve their potentials
to coach your children to becoming successful adults
it’s a step by step guide–we put everything you need in one place:
information, assessments, practical tips, plus build your confidence

C. Short Circuited Kids

1. All kids start as eager learners–but not all are ready to learn the same things
we teach all one way–with same timetable, same pace
don’t tune into the way they learn best
track failures, then label as “problem”
what kind of evidence are we building for these children?

2. Labeling–slow, average, lazy, unmotivated or disabled:
“ADD” often = Thinking/Creating or Inventing plus visual picture/hands-on learners
“Hyperactive” often = Performing, whole body learners
“Dyslexia” often = visual picture learners
we build evidence for everything they can’t do instead of what they can do
too many kids growing up not knowing what they are capable of
there are long-term implications for adults

D. Let’s be LearningSuccess™ Coaches for all our children!

do we want to just talk about giving all children the opportunity for success
in school or are we serious about making it happen?

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