Suggested Interview Questions for Discover Your Child’s Learning Style

1. What is your book about?

2. Who is this book written for?

3. Why should parents learn about how to teach their kids–isn’t that the schools’ job?
Aren’t the teachers supposed to be the experts here?

4. I get tired of hearing about what’s wrong with my child…e.g. incomplete assignments
distractible, needs to improve spelling, etc.
Is it possible to find out what’s right with my child?

5. What do you mean by “getting on your child’s team” and “becoming your child’s
LearningSuccess™ coach”?

6. There is a Learning Style Profile included in your book. How is it different from other
profiles that assess learning styles?

7. For example, if a child was struggling with math, how could learning styles information

8. What about kids with learning problems–like Dyslexia, ADD–can knowing their
learning styles help?

9. Is our present testing and grading system useful?

10. I’m just a parent, not a teacher, and I don’t really have time to read a whole book–how
can I make use of this information?

11. What is the most important message of your book?

Discover Your Child’s Learning Style
by Mariaemma Willis & Victoria Kindle Hodson

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