Recognizing Spatial Talent Virtually Eliminates the Need for Dyslexic Label

Ventura, CA (8/20/01)

America’s Learning-Success™ Coaches Mariaemma Willis, M.S. and Victoria Kindle Hodson, M.A., explain why people are labeled dyslexic and what they need for academic success in their book, Discover Your Child’s Learning Style.

Students who have a Spatial Talent are often also strong in Visual-Picture Modality. This means they need Visual-Picture approaches to learning to read, write, and process information, yet our educational system persists in using Visual-Print approaches with all students.

Hodson & Willis offer the following tips for parents whose children have been labeled dyslexic and who are looking for ways they can help:

• These students need diagrams, charts, graphs, and pictures in order to understand concepts and retain information. If the school curriculum does not incorporate visual formats, supplement at home with models, videos, CD ROMS and other visual material which will help them learn the subjects they are studying.

• If drawing comes easily, suggest that your child take picture notes in class (talk to the teacher about this so that he won’t conclude that the student is “goofing off”). Also encourage “drawing things out” to increase comprehension and retention. This can be applied to math word problems, literature, the history textbook, a science experiment, or any topic being studied.

• Ask the teacher to accept alternative assignments such as presentation boards, collages, drawings, and even home-made videos.

• Find a reading program that understands these concepts and takes a visual approach.

• Writing spelling words over and over again will not work! Teach your child to make picture cues for misspelled words.

Students with Spatial Talent and Visual-Picture Modality strength are our potential architects, drafters, contractors, artists, engineers, software developers, inventors, and creative thinkers. Let’s provide them the necessary tools for Learning-Success™!

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