Learning Styles Online!

Ventura, CA (11/12/01)

America’s Learning-Success™ Coaches, Victoria Kindle Hodson, M.A. and Mariaemma Willis, M.S, are pleased to announce the launching of A Self-Portrait™ Online!

Are you fighting with your child over homework? Do you have a student who just can’t memorize those spelling words? Are you concerned about learning problems? Are you an adult who is afraid to take a class or test for a promotion because of negative school experiences?

Did you know that finding out about learning styles is the key to every person’s Learning-Success™?

Hodson & Willis, co-authors of Discover Your Child’s Learning Style, have now made their learning style profile accessible online. You can purchase it, take it, get immediate results, and print out recommendations, all ONLINE!

A Self-Portrait™ Online Learning Style Profile will help you find out:

• how to really help with homework

• what different styles need to do to memorize

• strategies for increasing comprehension and retention

• what will help you take that course or go for the promotion

• how learning style information leads to Learning-Success™

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