“Discover Your Child’s Learning Style” Makes a Great Holiday Gift!

Ventura, CA (12/17/01)

If you know a parent or teacher, add “Discover Your Child’s Learning Style” to your gift list this year. This book just might be the most valuable gift you give this holiday season!

Parents and teachers will find out:

• how to really help with homework

• what different styles need to do to memorize

• strategies for increasing comprehension and retention

• how to celebrate and encourage a child’s unique gifts

• the real meaning of the bell curve and labels such as dyslexic and ADD

• how learning style information leads to Learning-Success™ for every child

Co-authored by America’s Learning-Success™ Coaches, Mariaemma Willis, M.S. and Victoria Kindle Hodson, M.A., the book is a practical how-to guide, and includes Learning Style Profiles that can be given to each member of the family.

According to Mary Pride, author and publisher of Practical Homeschooling Magazine,

“Discover Your Child’s Learning Style” is a book you need. Period. It has more potential to change your child’s education – and your family’s relationships – than any other book I have ever read with the sole exception of the Bible.”

Mary Leppert, publisher of The Link Newspaper, says,

“This program changed our family’s life.”

And from Richard & Linda Eyre, authors of “Teaching Your Children Values,”

“Parents who understand the principles in this book will be better parents.”

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