Culture Grams

Current information about the history, customs, and lifestyles of more than 175 countries. Its aim is to foster understanding and appreciation of the world’s peoples by documenting the unique details of their customs, traditions, and daily life.


Boomerang! is an audio program for kids 6-12. In each hour-long episode, the Boomerang! kids present stories about big ideas: science, current events, history, economics, poetry, geography, jokes, mysteries and more. Especially great for auditory learners!

PCS Edventures Online

Offers online programs that teach mechanical engineering, computer graphics, computer programming, architecture… some in combination with Lego materials for real hands-on learning of design principles.

Zane Publishing

Zane Education provides an online service that enables students of all ages to learn using an extremely effective and affordable method of visual learning that ensures the learning process is effective, interesting and enjoyable. Great educational software on CD-ROM.

The Schools Our Children Deserve

by Alfie Kohn

Drawing on stories from real classrooms and extensive research, Kohn shows parents, educators, and others interested in the debate how schools can help students explore ideas rather than filling them with forgettable facts and preparing them for …