America’s LearningSuccess Coaches Offer 3 LearningSuccess Tips

Ventura, CA (10/3/01)

Learning-Success™ Coaches Mariaemma Willis, M.S. and Victoria Kindle Hodson, M.A., provide numerous Learning-Success™ tips in their book, Discover Your Child’s Learning Style.

Here are three of those tips:


Did you know that music can have an effect on thinking, productivity, retention of information, and ability to stay focused? Certain types of classical music, especially Baroque, greatly enhance learning, mood, memory, and efficiency.


Remember that fluorescent lighting can have negative effects on people as well as on plants. Plants die! Some people are more sensitive than others to this type of lighting: they get headaches, or become nervous or “hyper,” or they experience eye strain. Studies have also shown that fluorescent lighting can affect the immune system. For example, in a comparison study of classrooms, it was found that those with fluorescent lights had more kids sick more often. Almost all of our classrooms have this type of lighting! If you have fluorescent lighting fixtures at home or at the office, switch to full spectrum lighting. This type closely resembles the natural spectrum of light and is available in catalogs, nurseries, and building supply stores.

Talents and Interests

Talents and Interests are a part of a person’s Learning and Working Styles. Are there things you have always wanted to do but haven’t done? Do you have a talent that is waiting for a little push or an interest that is bursting to show itself? Make some time to pursue your talent or interest and see what happens to productivity in your business. Pay particular attention to your children’s talents and interests. Take your children seriously by acknowledging what they love to do. They just might end up making money doing what they love when they grow up!

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