Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids

by Sura Hart & Victoria Kindle Hodson

More than a tool to correct bad behavior, this handbook urges parents to move beyond typical discipline techniques by creating an environment based on mutual respect, emotional safety, and positive, open communication. The …

Guide to Getting Rich on Just $10 a Week

Barker and Zimmerman

We’re Making a Fortune, And You Can Too, Using Dividend Re-Investment Plans

Whether you’re worrying about sending your child to college or planning for retirement, whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, or domestic engineer–for anyone looking for a …

Money $Ense for Kids

by Hollis Page Harman

Explains the nature of money, the different ways in which it can be represented, and how it can be saved or invested, discussing mutual funds, the stock market, banks, and inflation. Includes games and activities.


Women Invent!

by Susan Casey

Two Centuries of Discoveries That Have Shaped Our World

These inspiring stories of women inventors take the reader through the process of inventing—from coming up with an idea to having it manufactured and sold.

Women Invent! on