Link-Up™ to Math, Spelling & Writing Set


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A complete program for memorizing the multiplication facts with no stress or hassle—all the facts are set to rhyming songs and 18 lesson plans guide the classroom teacher or parent in coaching their students to successful memorizing.

This program is for all modalities: auditory listening and verbal, visual print and picture, tactile-kinesthetic hands-on, whole body, sketching, and writing. Plus it’s fun! It comes complete with CD of songs, laminated lyric cards, blank cards for sketching, and lesson plans for 18 weeks. This program is for beginning math students, students of all ages who struggle with memorizing the facts, all classrooms teaching the multiplication facts, homeschoolers, parents who help with homework, and adults.


This is for the visual picture and tactile-kinesthetic learners for whom spelling does not make sense! Spelling has never been so easy and so much fun. Includes blank cards for students to make their own word Link-Ups, laminated reference cards, and lesson plans for 18 weeks. This program is for people of all ages who can spell phonetically but don’t get the “weird” words, such as though, friend, said, was, does, etc. – a great program for classrooms, parents who help at home, homeschoolers, and adults.


This program is for anyone who is not a print learner. However, it even enhances the print learners’ skills!

This program is for young beginning writers or students of all ages who struggle with writing. It is ideal for the classroom or home use, as well as for adults.

Part 1: Laying the Foundation

Lesson plans for 18 weeks make writing fun for even the most reluctant writers. The course focuses on observation, brainstorming, and organization skills. There is no sentence writing in this course and positive learning experiences are built in. Includes instruction on word and picture mapping, blank cards to get started mapping, and laminated reference card.

Part 2: Building on the Foundation—Blueprints for Paragraphs and Reports

Lesson plans for 36 weeks pick up where Part 1 left off. Using the analogy of building a teepee, a cabin, and house it guides people of all ages step by step in writing sentences, paragraphs, and reports, utilizing the information mapping approach taught in Part 1.


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