Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment for adult personal success


For Adults. Discover your personal blueprint for success! Knowing your Personal Success Styles will empower you to be who you are meant to be and do what you are meant to do. Discover your Power Traits for enhanced relationship, career, and life success!



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Do you know your Power Traits for Work & Life Success?
Did you know that you have a set of Personal Success Styles?
Do you know how to use your Power Traits to get what you need and want?
Are you ready to let go of your Mistaken Identity and re-discover and embrace your True Identity?

Find out:

  • how your style handles time, money, and relationships
  • needs, motivators, and roadblocks associated with your style
  • positive contributions of your style and possible conflicts with other styles
  • tips to make life easier and more successful at home and work
  • career opportunities for your style

Use the results to:

  • find out what makes you tick!
  • let go of your Mistaken Identity and embrace your True Identity
  • go for that promotion, take a specialized course, or start a new career based on information about your Disposition, Talents, and Interests
  • improve communication at work and home based on a new understanding of yourself and the people in your life.
  • use your Power Traits to give yourself what you need and want

If you had negative learning experiences in school you will gain new insights into the genius inside of you!

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“This profile is so powerful… I think wow! – this is how I am.”
Milton, Iowa

“It’s so wonderful to be understood… This profile has changed
my life!”  Georgia


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