Power Traits Assessment

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Find out:

  • how your power traits affect handling time, money, and relationships
  • needs, motivators, and roadblocks associated with your power traits
  • positive contributions of your power traits and possible conflicts with others
  • tips to make life easier and more successful at home and work
  • career opportunities for your power traits

Use the results to:

  • let go of your Mistaken Identity and embrace your True Identity
  • go for that promotion, take a specialized course, or start a new career based on information about your Dispositions, Talents, and Interests
  • improve communication at work and home based on a new understanding of yourself and the people in your life
  • use your Power Traits to give yourself what you need and want
  • find out what makes you tick

If you had negative learning experiences in school you will gain new insights into the genius inside of you!

Sample of Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment

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You can take this assessment online from any computer and get immediate, automatically scored, and printable results and recommendations. You can also return to access the information at any time, from any computer, by using your user name and password.

If you have a company or organization, you can set up customized categories and be able to access statistics that are useful for planning and application. Contact us for group prices and set-up information.

Self-Portrait™ Assessment Prices

1 – 2 | $35 each
3 or more | $30 each

Please Note: The average reader usually completes the assessment in 20 minutes. However, it is all right if it takes longer. Also, you will have the ability to log out and come back to the assessment at a later time, should you wish to take breaks.

As soon as the ordering transaction is completed, each assessment purchased can be taken online, with immediate results and recommendations.