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The Power of Your NOW logoDo you know your Personal Blueprint for Work & Life Success?

  • Did you know that you have a set of Personal Success Styles?
  • Do you know how to use your Power Traits to get what you need and want?
  • Are you ready to let go of your Mistaken Identity and re-discover your True Identity?

Our goal is to teach adults to be successful based on their own unique Personal Success Styles —their personalities, their natural talents, and what they love to do—so they can go for what they want and bring more harmony and joy into their lives.


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Life Coaching – for Personal or Professional Development
Personalized coaching by one our Master Coaches—learn how to use your Personal Success Profile to create your personal blueprint for success and attract what you want in your career or personal life.

Workshops & Seminarsfor Personal or Professional Development, including:

  • Personal Blueprints for Success
  • Personal Success Styles on the Job
  • Understanding Your Family Dynamics

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  • Let go of your “Mistaken Identity.”
  • Embrace your “True Identity.”
  • Use your “Power Traits”.

Step 1: Let go of your “Mistaken Identity.”
What is a Mistaken Identity? A Mistaken Identity comes from myths and mis-labels you might have grown up with:

You have to be better than everyone else.
You’re not as good as everyone else.
You have to give 100% to everything you do.
Good grades lead to success in life.
If you don’t go to college you won’t get anywhere.
Forget your (talent or interest)—you’ll never make it (as an artist, musician, firefighter…).
It’s not possible to get what you want.
Don’t have unrealistic expectations.
You have to be a good reader and good writer to get anywhere.
Wait your turn.

I’m only average.
I’m a troublemaker.
I’m the class clown.
I ask too many questions.
I’m a daydreamer.
I’m lazy.
I’m too quiet.
I’m too noisy.

Step 2: Embrace your “True Identity.”
How do you embrace your True Identity? Your True Identity is made up of several aspects that identify your Personal Success Styles. Some of these aspects are your Dispositions, Modalities, Interests, and Talents.

Your Disposition is the aspect that tells the world who you are. A quick way to determine your Disposition is to consider the following and choose the line you identify with the most:

a. Entertain/Move/Do
b. Manage/Organize/Plan
c. Question/Experiment/Invent
d. Bond/Talk/Relate
e. Wonder/Think/Create

Does one of these make you think, Yes, that’s me! I wish I could spend most of the day doing that…

Now let’s look at Modality. Modality is the aspect that helps you process incoming information in the way that works best for you. Complete this statement: I learn and remember best when I can:

a. see it
b. draw it
c. discuss it
d. hear it
e. interact with it
f. read it
h. write it

Your Talents are those gifts you were born with. Whether or not you are interested in pursuing them, they are things that come easily to you. Make a list of your Talents. Hint: Talents come in all forms so think beyond art, music, and sports. A person could have a talent for gardening, doing puzzles, talking, working with animals, negotiating, re-arranging furniture, telling jokes…

And, finally, your Interests are those things that you love to do, things that you are passionate about. An Interest is not necessarily a Talent. It is good to recognize that Interests can be the most motivating factors in your life. Make a list of your Interests.

Your choices in these four areas tell the truth about YOU —the REAL YOU! The real you needs to come out for success to happen. Knowing about your True Identity rekindles your spirit and you become ready to move forward by identifying what you want and taking action steps to make those things happen.

Celebrate who you are! Enjoy knowing the truth about you!
Step 3: Use your “Power Traits”
Look at the choices you made in Step 2. These are your Power Traits.

If you chose #a for Disposition, your Power Traits are to entertain, to move, to do. If you chose #c for Modality, your Power Trait is to talk it out when receiving information. Your Talents and Interests are additional Power Traits.