Mona Vartanian

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Learning three languages from preschool to university and two other languages as an adult, Mona assumed that everyone is able to learn languages as easily. When she graduated from the College of Education with a French degree and entered the teaching world, she was surprised to find out that her students were different. Some had ease in learning French and some had tremendous difficulties. This is when she started searching for ways to eliminate the obstacles in their education. She discovered that each one of them is UNIQUE. As a Personal Computer Specialist, Mona created a curriculum to coach her students to enjoy learning and to develop skills that are beneficial to their education.

When she became a LearningSuccess™ Coach, Mona felt that she finally acquired all the tools to “opening the door for all her students to succeed, explore, and learn.” She believes that every person can be successful once the F.I.T.T and C.A.R.E principles are available to the learner.

Mona enjoys working with all age groups. She encourages and celebrates her students, young and adult. She nurtures them and customizes their courses to fit their needs, bring out their creativity and develop their talents. She also supports and coaches young students in handwriting and typing.

Mona lives with her husband, her two sons, her three dogs, and her canary in Southern California. She enjoys reading, walking, listening to international music, and mostly traveling.

Mona is available for:
Private Consultations
Personal Coaching
Customized Learning Programs

Contact information:
Mona’s Modern Teaching Center
3717 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd.
Westlake Village, Ca 91362