Kendra Tiemann

kendraKendra Tiemann is a Level 3 LearningSuccess™ coach certified by the LearningSuccess™ Institute. Kendra was born and grew up in the Midwest. She attended the University of Missouri-Columbia and the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri and holds a Master’s degree in Guidance Counseling and a Bachelor’s degree in Science education. She has worked in public education as a teacher and guidance counselor for 26 years and worked with many home school families in designing curriculum for individual learning needs. Helping children realize their career aspirations, researching the most feasible plan for training, navigating the college admission maze if necessary, and searching for financial aid support is something she has provided assistance to for hundreds of children.

It is Kendra’s belief that every person is born with an innate blueprint of talents, gifts and energy unique only to themselves. When recognized and nurtured, these qualities become Mother Nature’s handbook for experiencing peace and contentment with life’s experiences. With years of experience of working with children, parents and teachers in public education, Kendra has experienced firsthand the struggles between mandated learning and the compromises of children whose natural blueprint begs for something very different. Being able to help teachers understand the relationship between their own blueprint and the innate blueprint of their struggling students has been some of her most proud accomplishments. In addition, she has helped hundreds of families personalize curriculum and learning experiences that allow success without compromising the essence of their God-given core. A genuine understanding of one’s innate blueprint offers the freedom and belief that learning is personal, unique and should always leave the learner in a better condition than when they started the process.

Kendra currently resides in LaGrange, Missouri with her husband and two children. Her rural life on their family farm allows for her to help care for their variety of livestock, as well as tend to the fruits and vegetables grown on their family farm. Her hobbies include reading, sewing, canning and preserving homegrown produce, and being outdoors in the beauty of nature.

Kendra is available for:

Private Consultations

Personal Coaching

Customized Learning Programs

Consultations for struggling public school students/parents/teachers

College and / or Career coaching


Contact Information:

Cell: 573-719-7356