“Educators are finally recognizing that unique learning needs
are the norm rather than the exception.”
Warger & Pugach, Educational Leadership, 2/96

Student-Centered Learning Solutions – Consulting for Schools

Our 5×5 Student-Centered Learning Solutions program ensures that teachers are equipped to provide student-centered learning solutions to their students for school and life success.

The 5×5 Student-Centered approach focuses on teaching young people how to become lifelong learners, and teachers how to teach students in the ways they learn best.

The 5×5 Student-Centered Learning process includes:

1. Administering the Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment to all administrators, faculty, and students.

2. Consulting with school leadership to decrease resistance to change and create effective teams for the implementation of the program.

3. Training teachers and other staff in the 4 Essential Coaching Skills:

      5 X 5 Friendly™ Instruction

      4-Period Lesson™ Planning

      Responsive Interaction™ Communication Skill Development

     Personal Best™ Performance

4. How to teach students to be active, engaged, effective participants in their own learning process.

5. Supporting and/or training parents to foster successful learning experiences for their children.

Benefits of applying the 5×5 Student-Centered Learning Solutions program:

1. Fewer classroom disruptions and less need for discipline

2. More students participating in the learning process more of the time.

3. Improved test scores

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