Learning & Life Coaching

Personal success coaching and trainingWhat Can a Learning & Life Coach do for you?



Are you tired of issues with your child’s school or teachers?

Power Traits Coaching will show you how to take control of your child’s education and future well being!

Interested in using the Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment as a fundraising tool for your school? Click here to learn more. 


Are you a parent who clashes with your children’s different personalities?

Power Traits Coaching will show you how to restore peace and improve relationships at home!


Do you believe in homeschooling but are frustrated with curriculum choices that don’t work, or afraid you are not doing the “right” thing?

Power Traits Coaching will show you how to have confidence and peace of mind in your homeschooling choices.


Are you unhappy in your career? Are there conflicts in your relationships? Are you experiencing low confidence in your abilities? Perhaps you feel that something is missing in your life?

Power Traits Coaching will show you how to make choices based on a new confidence in yourself and your unique power traits!


Choose monthly or bi-monthly, 1-hour appointments with your Coach – in person or by phone or video call (such as Skype or FaceTime).

For more information call 805-648-1739 or use the form below to inquire about coaching.

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