“Educators are finally recognizing that unique learning needs
are the norm rather than the exception.”
Warger & Pugach, Educational Leadership, 2/96

Power Traits Consultations for Families

The goal of the Power Traits Consultation is to help your children:

  • develop their natural Talents and Interests
  • unlock potentials in academic areas
  • develop confidence, self-esteem, communication, and problem solving skills
  • discover their direction / mission in life
  • prepare for a productive adulthood

The consultation includes:

  • A Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment for the child and the parents
  • The scoring of the assessments
  • A private consultation, up to 1 1/2 hours (clients within driving distance meet at the office, long distance clients call in or Skype at an appointed time)
  • School Year Plan and Recommendations
  • Investment: $375.00

At the appointment you will:

  • learn about your child’s talents, interests, & best ways of information processing and more
  • discuss and develop a program plan
  • choose appropriate curriculum / methods / materials
  • learn about strategies and techniques that will work for your child

Teaching methods and materials are carefully chosen to best fit the student’s needs. If your child attends a traditional school, you will be given ideas to work with your child at home and information that you can share with your child’s teachers. If you are homeschooling, this program will allow your child to fulfill his / her grade requirements in a way that is appropriate to his / her learning needs, by choosing from a wide selection of workbooks, textbooks, computer programs, videos, audio tapes, and hands-on learning techniques and materials.

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