Christina Reed

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Truly each child is born with all of the assets, dispositions, learning styles, “equipment” that he or she will need to practice his or her gifts in the world. Sometimes traditional education does not or cannot by its nature foster the development of these gifts.

Flexibility in the learning process is perhaps the biggest advantage of learning outside of the traditional classroom. A marriage of curriculum executed in a manner that honors both the student’s ways of learning, customized for his or her needs, and state standards, is, in Christina’s opinion, a comfortable place to be. If state standards are not an immediate goal for the family this allows for even more freedom in the learning process.

Christina has been active in the homeschooling/distance learning movement since 1999. She has been active in the homeschooling charter school movement; she has participated on teams for writing charters and is currently sitting on the board of a charter school in California. She has been teaching in some capacity including classroom venues and second language learning for over 25 years. She has taught pre-kindergarten to adult students.

Christina holds a master’s degree in education administration and she enjoys her work as a LearningSuccess coach. She is well versed in coaching parents and students alike; she also understands the process of education administration. She is fluent in Spanish and has a working knowledge of several languages and language acquisition skills from birth to adult. She currently resides in Arizona with her three children whom she has homeschooled for the lion’s share of their educational path. She is perfecting her Mein Shiang, the taoist art of face reading, skills. Christina enjoys the desert, yoga, karate, dog training and working with yarn.

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