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I’ve had several comments lately from people thinking they can’t be successful because they don’t have any degrees. Here’s an excerpt from a terrific article by my friend Chellie Campbell, author of The Wealthy Spirit…thank you, Chellie, for this timely …

Preparing Students for Career Success

Here’s a great article that is all about what we’ve been saying for years: the education system needs to offer career-driven alternatives to a four-year college!

The article quotes a Harvard University study that concluded: The current U.S. education system …

What About Learning Disabilities?

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who are familiar with our learning styles work know that we believe
learning disabilities are basically n

What About Entrance Exams?

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about them? Some people are good at taking tests, some aren’t. If your child
isn’t there are options.

Will They Be Prepared?

children decide to go to college, will they be prepared?

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have found that children who are