Licensed Course Facilitators

The following individuals are licensed by the LearningSuccess™ Institute to teach the LearningSuccess™ Course, “Find Out What’s Right With Your Child – Be Your Child’s Success Coach!”, based on our book Discover Your Child’s Learning Style.


Carolyn & Martin Forte
Excellence in Education, Monrovia
626-821-0025, 626-821-0216 FAX

Rita Reese
Newport Beach

Lisa A. Stones
La Canãda

Mona Vartanian
Westlake Village


Rob Stringer
Youth Coach Global
Binbrook, Ontario

Become a Find Out What’s Right With Your Child
Licensed Workshop Facilitator

This licensed course facilitator program is for anyone who loves our book, Discover Your Child’s Learning Style, and our learning success work! As a certified and licensed “Find Out What’s Right With Your Child” Course Facilitator you will be able to:

  • Teach this course using the course materials we provide to small or large groups
  • Set your own fees and collect all the fees
  • Link to the downloadable course materials to refer your clients to

Included with your eight, 90-minute teleclasses, you get:

  • A copy of our book, Discover Your Child’s Learning Style
  • Our Self-Portrait™ power traits assessment to take in preparation for this course
  • The opportunity to join our Associate Program as a licensed facilitator and receive $6.00 for each Self-Portrait™ assessment purchased as a result of your referral (regular Associates receive $5.00 for each profile)
  • Course materials to download
  • Tips on setting up your own workshops


$1495 includes training & first year license fee (Level 2 or higher Coaches $795)
$300 annual license renewal fee (Level 2 or higher Coaches $225)

Click here for downloadable registration form

If you have questions, please call 805-648-1739