Our Philosophy

We focus on the unique needs of each child and adult. We present a positive approach that is based on working with each person’s natural gifts and abilities, rather than applying dysfunctional labels such as A.D.D., Dyslexic, Hyperactive, or Learning Disabled. We show adults and children how to discover and use their strengths and passions to reach academic, career, and life goals.

Our Power Traits Assessments

We believe that applying student-centered learning solutions is the key to effective learning, working, and communicating. With that in mind, we created our foundational products:

1. Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment for students of all ages – find out more

2. Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment for personal & professional development – find out more

These assessments are unique. They assess an individual’s strengths — or Power Traits for Life™ — in several areas, quickly and simply, in language that is easily understood by everyone. We created them to be powerful and user-friendly!

Learn about using the Self-Portrait™ assessments as a fundraising tool for your school or organization by clicking here.

Our Services

We offer workshops and seminars, consulting, and certification training.

Sampling of our workshops and seminars:

The Power of You NOW!™ – for personal & professional development

  • Power Traits for Life™
  • Your Power Traits on the Job
  • Understanding the Jury (for attorneys & legal firms)

5×5 Student-Centered Learning Solutions – for teachers, counselors, parents, & adult learners

  • What Do You Mean, “You Don’t Get It?”
  • Learning Differences or Learning Problems?
  • Easy Writing – Without Outlines!
  • Repairing the Damage of Growing Up Average
  • ADD: Attention to Dreams and Discoveries
  • Spelling for the Thoroughly Befuddled
  • Mid-Life Crisis Begins in Kindergarten

Live the Love™ – for teachers, counselors, parents

  • Reviving the Eager Learner in Your Child
  • Become Your Child’s LearningSuccess™ Coach
  • Getting Beyond Me Against You: Conflict Resolution
  • 15 Building Blocks for Respectful Interactions With Your Child
  • What Kids Want You to Know About Them

What others say about our workshops:

“The Power of You Now workshop was a ‘life-changing’ experience for me… I have gained a profound sense of freedom and purpose as a result of this workshop.” — Vicky Rathje

“Awesome weekend – you blended the best of the best in educational techniques and communication skills. It’s a clear path toward successful, compassionate and child-centered education all rolled into one..” Rachelle Wafer, teacher, Laurel Springs School

“I have already learned so many valuable things that I plan to use immediately. I can’t wait for the next session!!.” — Helen McCabe, mother of public school student