Performing Dispositions – Move!

Stocksy_txp3c511067luI000_Large_261343Performing Dispositions usually thrive in a work situation that involves lots of moving, variety and even some adventure!

College students with a Performing Disposition can increase learning efficiency by incorporating movement when studying: bounce a ball, jump on trampoline, go for a walk or run while listening to audio lessons.

Do you have an adult with a Performing Disposition in your life? They tend to be spontaneous and seek “center stage.” Their intentions to bring fun and laughter are often interpreted as irresponsible and/or inconsiderate behavior.

Students with the Performing Disposition need flexible spaces that provide lots of room to move around. They thrive in atmospheres that are fun and challenging and allow for unscheduled free time. They learn best during field trips and real-life learning situations. Does your child have a Performing Disposition?

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