More: Performing Disposition Parents & Their Kids

Prizing spontaneity and fun, Performing Disposition parents are apt to see their studious Producing Disposition children as too rigid, inflexible, serious, sometimes even uninteresting. Although, they may be very proud of their Producing kids’ good grades, recognition and honors. They see their Thinking/Creating children as out of touch with reality, too emotional, and daydreaming and living in fantasy worlds way too much. Yet, they may want to tell everyone they know about their Thinking/Creating kids’ amazing creations in art, music, writing, etc. Performing Disposition parents see their Inventing Disposition kids as brainy and obsessed with only one thing—their latest project, which often seems unrealistic if not entirely a waste of time. They worry about how these kids isolate themselves and have little to no interest in socializing. Relating Inspiring kids can seem too involved with socializing and the needs of other people—wanting to make everything okay for everyone else. Although Performing Disposition parents have lots in common with Performing Disposition kids, when they are at any group event they are all likely to be vying for the same “center stage” recognition, making it hard to really enjoy each other or the activities they do together.

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