Talent isn’t evenly distributed?

Brick Wall

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I love this story. It goes like this…

A bricklayer has a brother who is a gifted and famous violinist. One day the head of the construction company he works for says to him: “It must be find to have such a renowned man for a brother.” Then, afraid he might offend the worker’s pride he adds, “Of course we must accept the fact that talent isn’t evenly distributed – even in the same family.”

The bricklayer responds: “That’s the truth. Why, my brother doesn’t know the first thing about bricklaying. It’s a good thing he can afford to pay others to build his house for him.”
(excerpted from The Best of Three Minutes a Day – A Christopher Book)

Yes!!! Cheers for the bricklayer!

Every single person has an amazing talent or gift that is valuable and needs to shared with the world.

It is our job as Parents, Teachers, and Leaders across the globe to coach each child to discover his or her amazing gift – and to encourage them to follow their interests and passions. It is our responsibility to ensure that all kids grow up believing that they are smart and capable, and confident about the value of their contributions.

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