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SumnerDavenport.jpgFor years I have advocated for self-investment rather than self-improvement…I like sharing introductions to people who assist us in investing in ourselves. Sumner Davenport, Solutions Consultant

Sumner and I connected on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. She generously offered to call me and walk me through how to link my personal page with my company page, when she noticed that the link was missing. We fixed the link, had a nice chat, and learned about each others’ businesses. Next thing you know, Sumner had blogged about learning success and personal styles. The person she is about to introduce in the above quote is me!

Here is what she says:
week, I met wonderful woman who saw the need to assist our children and
us as adults in our learning so we can create the results we desire,
whether learning the answers in school or achieving our goals. I’d like
to introduce you to
Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis. She developed a powerful solution to our learning profiles and started Learning Success Institute.
She offers tools for students that help them learn through their
personal learning style, plus tools for teachers and parents. And for
those of us who are now adults and need the re-learning she offers
workshops and consultations.

Thank you, Sumner – we appreciate your help in spreading the word!

See the complete article on Sumner’s blog: Self Investment not Self Improvement. Find out all that Sumner has to offer and “like” her FB page – click here

To find out your child’s learning style: www.learningstyleprofile.com
To find out your personal success style: www.personalsuccessprofile.com

We customize K-12 programs to meet individual student learning style needs – at home, across the globe:

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