An Open Letter to Oprah

An Open Letter to Oprah, January,


Dear Oprah,


I just finished reading the
Parade article about you (12/26/10) and was touched by your description of your
childhood experience watching Romper Room: You would stand there every day in
front of the television wondering if Miss Nancy would call your name today–but
she never did. Later in the article you said, “Everybody just wants to be heard,”
and you quoted Toni Morrison who said that what every child wants to know is,
Do your eyes light up when I enter the room? Did you hear me and did what I say
mean anything to you?


You might not realize that not
being honored or recognized is the plight of thousands of children in our
schools today: When will someone truly hear them and see who they really are? When
will someone acknowledge how brilliant and capable they are, in their own
unique ways? When will we stop crushing their spirits with harmful teaching


Many people don’t know that…


of kids are sitting in classrooms right now learning that they can’t be
successful–just because they’re not good at math or English, or memorizing
history facts, or sitting still in a chair all day.


3 to 5 students in any classroom get all the A’s – and this is NOT because the
others are not smart, or are lazy, or have a learning disability!


kids are not ready developmentally to read or write until they are 8 or 9 years
old–that the muscles of their eyes are not ready to track print, and that their
wrists and hands are not ready for pencils.


least 60% of the population are picture learners or hands-on learners.


who are not print learners will never learn to spell by writing words over and
over again.


and writing would come easily to most children if we waited for developmental
readiness and then taught simple strategies geared toward their learning


…at least 80% of the adult population
doubt their own abilities for success because of the school messages they
received while growing up.


Learning Problems or Learning Styles?

little of this well-known information is applied in our education systems, and
so kids and adults are labeled slow, ADD, ADHD, learning disabled, dyslexic, or
worse–just average! In reality, these are
the thinking/creating, inventing, performing people–the Einsteins and Picassos
and Marie Curies–and, yes, the next Oprah, Robin Williams, George Lucas, Maya
Angelou, Goldie Hawn, Robert Kiyosaki–the potential scientists, inventors,
musicians, artists, entertainers and entrepreneurs!


An Education That Doesn’t Fit

know that you are a strong proponent of a good education for every child. The question is: What is a good education?
Forcing an education that doesn’t fit is
like forcing a child to wear shoes that don’t fit…not only is this ineffective,
it is extremely harmful.


many educators think that No Child Left Behind means creating one-size-fits-all
classrooms where all students are expected to learn the same thing in the same
way at the same time. This has never worked in the past and it will never work
in the future.


Learning Styles: The Key To Success!

key to success is knowing your own unique learning styles. Knowing every
student’s learning style profile ensures that no child is left behind and, more
importantly, that every child shines.


kids learn that they are not capable of this or that…that they will never
make it, they grow up to be adults who think they can’t.


kids learn that they are capable, that they can be successful, they grow up to
be adults who believe in themselves.


we listening to our children?

is what one 10-year-old said recently, “
I can’t learn this way. School is a factory and the students are the product. I
can’t get my education this way. I can’t live like this until I’m 18.”


His mom told me, “Finally I listened to
him. I thought, this isn’t a ploy, he means this, it isn’t just to get out of
doing work…We don’t listen to kids’ needs. We don’t trust that they know
themselves and what they need so we don’t act on what they are saying to us…Now
that we are in your program we are all happy. He needed integrated learning and
now he’s getting it (through LearningSuccess).”


The Race to Nowhere

This movie, which you discussed on one
of your shows, clearly illustrates the damage that is being done to students in
high school but, actually, the damage begins in kindergarten.


books, learning style profiles, and programs of our LearningSuccess Institute
prevent this damage from occurring and have changed the lives of thousands of
children and families. Here are two parent testimonials and one from a former


saved my kids’ hearts and spirits and gave them gifts of self-trust and
learning through their own styles! They are flourishing now as they move into
adulthood.” Connie Baxter Marlow


are truly the best. You will be happy to hear Devin is thriving in college and
is in love with learning. Great grades and amazing well-written papers and
praise from his professors are just a mere by product. Thank you for showing us
the way!!! Keep up the good work – you are making a difference.” Kasey Sixt


“Thank you so much for everything that
you’ve done for me in the past…You might be pleased to know I am actually going
to Hong Kong for a 6-month study abroad at CUHK! I couldn’t have done it
without you. Thanks for everything.” Devin Sixt


Les Brown (author of It’s Possible) once said, “It’s possible
that we can give them a curriculum that gives them a sense of purpose…” It IS possible and we are doing it!


will help us spread the word?

Parents need this information so they
can be confident about choosing a non-traditional path that empowers their
children. While we wait for the schools
to change, millions more are being damaged, and too many children will be left
. Parents need to know that there are options available right
now–that their children can have a customized school program that meets their
individual, unique learning needs–one that sets them up for life success right
from the beginning!


word from you, Oprah, and the whole country will take notice. Thanks for


Pelullo-Willis, M.S.,

Discover Your Child’s Learning Style
& Midlife Crisis Begins in

LearningSuccess™ Institute

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