What About Learning Disabilities?

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of you
who are familiar with our learning styles work know that we believe
learning disabilities are basically n
on-existent. Everyone has different
learning styles but school
s are set up for just one! That’s a set-up for failure,
or at least mediocrity (“you’re just average”) for the majority of students.


often the students who are labeled with a learning disability have the same
styles as people like Einstein and other well-known inventors, scientists,
musicians, artists, actors, athletes, and entrepreneurs.


many cases, college can get in the way of success for these students. In other
cases, they find that college can be very different from high school and they
take off. Again, the most important thing is to show these students evidence of
their intelligence, their talents, and their skills, so that they will be
confident about their abilities and make choices that are right for them.


hope that these thoughts we’ve shared with you in this series of articles give you a different perspective about college and encourage
you to leave the decision about whether to go or not to go up to your children,
while providing a “safe” and open forum for discussion, answering their
questions, and guiding them to research their options.


2010 by Willis & Hodson, Reflective Educational Perspectives LLC

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