Success in the Real World is determined by belief, confidence, relationship skills, and goal setting skills!

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success in the work world is not correlated to good grades and/or graduating
from particular colleges. Countless students graduate from college not having a
clue what they will do next, or ending up with a job that is not even remotely
related to their interests and/or talents and, often, one that they greatly
dislike. On the other hand, the wealthiest in our country did not graduate from
college and many didn’t even finish high school.

are not saying, forget college. What we are saying is the people who are the
most successful are those who know what they are good at, believe in
themselves, are motivated by their talents and what they are passionate about–and
go from there. If college is for them, they’ll go, and if it’s not, it’s not.
Going to college is not in itself the key to success.

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