Will They Be Prepared?

children decide to go to college, will they be prepared?

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have found that children who are encouraged to pursue their talents and
interests and to make their own decisions about careers and goals, will do what
they need to do when they need to do it.


will they get into the college of their choice, you ask?


that depends. For example, those who are home schooling will find that there

are some colleges that will not accept home schooled students. Our answer to
that is, so what? There are thousands of colleges across the country! Chances
are, if a college doesn’t want you, for whatever reason, then you don’t want to
go there–it wouldn’t be a good fit anyway!


The best thing is to seek out the college
that best fits the particular student. We need to teach our children to find
what works best for them, instead of agonizing over what they “should” be
doing, and trying to fit the mold of what “everyone” else is doing.

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