Self-Portrait™ Power Traits for Parents

“Preparing your child for adulthood and a direction in life is too important to leave up to the schools.”

All parents want the best for their children. You want them to learn and do well in school, to thrive and be happy…to grow up and be successful as adults.


What if your child…

  • is not doing well at school?
  • has been labeled dyslexic, ADD, ADHD, language processing disorder, unmotivated, or “just” average?
  • is getting good grades but at a cost to his/her emotional well-being?
  • lacks confidence in his own abilities or value?
  • believes she is not smart?
  • is turned off to learning?

How can children grow up with confidence and positive attitudes if they continually experience anxiety and/or failure in school?

How can they become successful adults who believe in themselves and are able to go for what they want if they think they are not very smart or don’t recognize the wonderful gifts and talents they have?

How can they discover their unique paths in life if they believe they are damaged goods and have nothing to contribute to the world?

Did you know…

Kids who are labeled dyslexic are NOT print learners but picture and/or hands-on learners?

People who are labeled ADD have Curious or Imaginative Dispositions?

Kids who have a Spontaneous Disposition need movement to learn and are most often labeled hyperactive?

Is your child an Imaginative, Spontaneous, Curious, Organized, or Supportive person?

Does he process information best through pictures, audio, movement, verbal language, or printed language means?

Does she learn best in an environment that is quiet, noisy, includes music; while sitting, reclining, alone, or with others?

What are your child’s natural gifts and what does he/she love to do?

Trying to fit every child into the same mold often leads to underachieving students and frustrated parents.

It’s time to take charge of your child’s education. YOU are the most important teacher in your child’s life. YOU can make the difference. YOU can coach your child to be on the path to success – now and for life!

Discover How Your Child Learns Best

Your child’s power traits are made up of five dimensions – Talents, Interests, Modality, Environment, and Disposition. These five areas affect how your child learns and behaves at home and in the classroom. If you have your child’s power traits information you will be more effective in helping with homework and school issues. These are the basics of student-centered learning.

The 5 Dimensions of Student-Centered Learning


Solve School Problems

  • Does your child memorize words for spelling tests, then forget how to spell them in a sentence?
  • Does your child have trouble following instructions?
  • Does your child know information at home then flunk the test?
  • Does your child have trouble memorizing math facts?
  • Does your child have trouble putting thoughts into writing?

Power Traits information can solve these problems!

Eliminate Destructive Labels

  • Most children don’t have “Learning Disabilities!”
  • Your “A.D.D.” child probably has an Imaginative or Curious Disposition.
  • Your “Dyslexic” child probably has a 3-D Talent and a Picture Modality strength.
  • Your “Hyeractive” child probably has a Spontaneous Disposition and a Movement Modality strength.
  • Your bored and unmotivated child probably has untapped Talents and Interests that no one is paying attention to.

Paying attention to individual learning needs is not indulgent; it is intelligent!

Avoid Conflicts

  • Celebrate your child rather than criticize
  • Accept rather than avoid your role as a teacher
  • Learn to respond rather than react
  • Stop defining your child by school labels

The LearningSuccess™ Model of Education gives you the tools you need to be your child’s LearningSuccess™ Coach.

Become Your Child’s LearningSuccess™ Coach

  • Focus on solutions
  • Identify your child’s goals
  • Track your child’s successes
  • Take the pressure off

The LearningSuccess™ Model of Education gives you confidence to coach for success and eliminates the fear of failure.

Take the Next Steps!

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