College Students

Self-Portrait™ Power Traits For College Students

“Let us coach you to success!”

Discover Your Unique Learning Needs

  • Find out your learning modalities (style of information processing)
  • Find out your learning dispositions
  • Find out the environment that works best for you
  • Learn to work with your natural talents and interests
  • Go beyond dysfunctional labels
  • Realize your potential in academic areas

The 5 Dimensions of Student-Centered Learning

Discover Your Natural Career

  • Identify long-term goals
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Make a skill development plan
  • Make a career development plan

Learn Success Strategies

  • Learn strategies / techniques that will work for you at college or in the workplace
  • Succeed in college or the career of your choice
  • Consider your direction / mission in life
  • Develop confidence in yourself and the possibilities for your future

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