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A Self-Portrait™ Learning Style Profile is a tool for gaining insight into how students learn best by assessing their Dispositions, Modalities, Preferred Environments, Interests, and Talents. Purchase NOW!

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The key to learning & life success!

Would you force a child to wear shoes that don’t fit? Then why force an education that doesn’t fit!

Well, that’s what is happening to hundreds of thousands of students every day. Those in private schools or homeschooling programs are not automatically better off. As long as students are forced to use a traditional textbook/workbook curriculum without any concern for their learning styles, they might as well be wearing shoes that are too tight, or so loose that they trip over them.

An education that doesn’t fit is as painful, or perhaps even more painful, than ill-fitting shoes–after all, an ill-fitting education can scar a child for life.

Far too many pay a very high price in our one-size-fits-all education and testing system. Yet there is a very simple answer and the powers to be are not listening. Students learn differently–what works for some does not work for others. This is not rocket science! How long will it be before educators recognize this simple truth and act on it?

As long as we force all kids to start reading at 4 or 5 years old, force all learners to use textbooks and workbooks, and force all students to learn and be tested in the same way, No Child Left Behind will never come to be. Many, many children will continue to be left behind, along with countless adults who are not able to reverse the damage done to them as students.

The key to learning success is simple: find out how each student learns best! A person’s learning styles are made up of their Dispositions, Modalities, Interests, Talents, and best Environment. Learn more about the 5 aspects of learning styles.

“One of the greatest gifts of using this learning style assessment in counseling our students and families is that it brings a high degree of clarity which enables our clients to totally understand themselves and their family members”.
Martin & Carolyn Forte, Excellence In Education Academy

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