Interview with Mariaemma – Learning Styles for Home Schoolers

Learning Styles for Home Schoolers interview

Recently, Heidi Johnson, creator of interviewed Mariaemma and the interview was recorded. Thanks, Heidi!

Here’s what she has to say about the interview:

Recently I was
able to talk to Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis the co-founder of the Learning Success
Institute and co-author of several books including: A Self-Portrait™
Learning Style System
, Mid-Life Crisis Begins in Kindergarten,
and Discover Your Child’s Learning Style.

Here is an
interview that I did with Mariaemma recently:

Learning Style Interview  It’s only about 20
minutes long and very informative!

I have read
Discover Your Child’s Learning Style and have done the Learning Style
Assessment with each of my four children. It was amazing what we learned about
ourselves and each other by working through these assessments.

A Learning
Style Assessment is different than just finding your learning style based on
the auditory, visual, kinesthetic model. The assessments also address
personality style, learning environment, modality and many other aspects of

Learning styles
can be adapted to almost any curriculum depending on the parent’s willingness
and ability to adapt it. Most textbook and school approaches do not fit with
how most people learn.

Learning Styles for Home Schoolers interview

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