LearningSuccess Law #2: Success leads to more success!

This is a pretty simple law. In order to be successful one has to experience success.

But what does this really mean?  It sounds somewhat like: you can’t work in this field until you have experience, but if you can’t get a job how will you ever get the experience!

Actually, children experience many, many successes by the time they get to be school age. So they already have a whole history of wanting to do something, trying it, “failing,” trying again, getting it, becoming an expert…(for example, walking, talking, using a fork, maybe drawing or building or playing ball).

Then they go to school. This is where so many experience failure after failure and make the decision that they are not capable, smart, valuable…Suddenly they are no longer experiencing successes and they conclude that academically, anyway, they cannot succeed. Often this belief seeps into other aspects of their lives – so many grow up to be adults that do not believe they can succeed at anything!

This is where this law comes in. We need to provide academic situations that facilitate success for EVERY student. It is our job as parents and teachers to help them discover where they shine – whether it be reading or flying a kite, drawing or identifying stars, sports or working with animals.

When we put our efforts into finding out our children’s learning styles – how each child learns best – we will be able to provide the learning materials and methods that will lead to success.

Then magic happens! The kids start to thrive! Their spirits fill up with excitement and motivation, a sense of accomplishment and confidence in themselves. And then…they begin reaching out to try new things – things they would not have attempted before – because they have felt what it’s like to succeed.

This law applies to us all – classroom teachers, parents, homeschoolers, as well as those who work with adults. It doesn’t matter how old a person is – without success there can be no success!

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