Performing Disposition: Need excitement & Movement!

Perform-2.gifThis is the Disposition that most often gets labeled
Hyperactive (or if combined with Thinking/Creating the label is ADHD).


What is the genius of the Performing person? This
student is a mover, a risk-taker, an adventurer. This student craves hands-on,
experiential activities. This student is often passionate about (and talented
in) sports, acting, comedy, dance, building, outdoor activities, or a
combination of these. In general, this student learns best when involved in
activities that allow him/her to be active: do, experience, and keep things
moving so as not to get bored.


When planning a school program for the Performing
student, you can integrate movement with learning. The student can put on a
skit or demonstration, recite facts while jumping on trampoline, build a
pyramid, landscape the yard…If the student is in a traditional school setting,
you can at least help at homework time by making sure that there are frequent
breaks – every 20 to 30 minutes (10 to 15 for the younger ones!) – plus
encouraging the student to use some of the movement strategies listed above
(e.g. jump while memorizing math facts).

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